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Polexia felt kind of bad about leaving William in New York without any of the girls to take care of him. (And she knew that they had.) But a deal’s a deal, after all, and they had to be gone before the band left the city. And it was England – she couldn’t resist. She kept telling herself it wasn’t for forever – just a little while. She’d meet up with the guys again when Deep Purple’s tour was over. It’d be like old times again.

The flight got delayed, though, and she ended up curled in an uncomfortable airport chair, trying to catch a few minutes of sleep since she never could manage on planes, one of the roadies’ leather jackets slung over her like a blanket. There were a couple of other girls along but she could tell they were just groupies, trophy-hunters; not Band-Aides. Penny and Sapphire had trained her well: she could always tell the difference.

She must have dozed off, though, because she awoke to a pair of hands shaking her gently. It took her a second to focus, but she knew almost instantly she wasn’t in the airport. No plasticky chairs, none of the entourage. “H’lo?” she muttered, pressing a hand to her forehead. “Where am I?”
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