Natalie Goodman (daughterofair) wrote in the_estates,
Natalie Goodman


When Natalie woke up, in a strange room, it took her a bit to get her bearings. Where the fuck was she? But then she remembered- random ass housing development in the middle of nowhere, with no feasible way out. Fucking fantastic.

She didn't want to disturb the nice guy who gave her a place to crash for the night, or his little... whatever they were to each other. So, she made her way out of the room as quietly as she could, and sat down outside on their porch. She had some pills still in her pocket, and a joint in the other, so on that front, she'd be good for a little while. But in regards to anything else, she had no idea.

What to do now?

[I'm bored, so Natalie post! Backdated to the morning after her arrival, so she's quite hung over and not very happy.]
Tags: martha, natalie, polexia
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