Blair Waldorf (royally_b) wrote in the_estates,
Blair Waldorf

... what.

 Blair was heading back home from a costume party at Chuck's house. Serena was Baby, One More Time Britney (typical) and she had gone as--- who else? -- Holly Golightly. Her silky brown hair in a chignon along with the black dress, the gloves, the hat, the sunglasses; it was absolutely perfect.

Chuck's party had been fun too. The Bass residence was always a good place to throw parties, and Chuck made sure he was always in charge of end-of-the-school-year bashes. 

Walking happily, arm in arm with her best friend, Blair couldn't wait for summer to begin. Traveling with the family, sleepovers with the girls-- and then beginning high school at Constance Billiard, making her way up to Queen Bee.

"See you, S!" Blair called cheerily as she went through the doors of the Waldorf residence. She expected to end up in the lush lobby. She ended up in front of the gates of some suburban community, cold and not amused.


T: Umm. Yes. Thirteen-going-on-fourteen-year-old Blair Waldorf. Yes. I'm on crack.
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