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The Estates|An RPG
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A multifandom RPG
The Estates is a game set in a nameless town seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Everyone lives in the gated community, The Estates, where they have access to swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, exercise rooms, and even playgrounds. Should one want to venture into the town, one can take a trip to the grocery store, the local pub, the library, the fast food place, the high class restaurant, the strip club (in the shadier part of town), or the coffee house. Money is not necessary for you have everything you will ever need.

Apply for a character from any form of media, whether it be book, play, movie, television show, comic book... As long as he or she is fiction, you can play. Any questions further must be directed to estatesooc (Please join!)

1. Your character must be fictional. If you want to play a real person, then kindly find another community.
2. The character must have some substantial information behind it, meaning that you cannot pick up a character who was only mentioned in passing. An obscure character with a bit of a personality is acceptable.
3. No original characters, period. Find another community for that, please.
4. If you wish to pick up more than one character, please know your limits. There is no maximum amount of characters, but there is an activity rule-
5. Characters that are inactive for six weeks may be picked up. Please check the tags or asked in the OOC community.
6. No Godmodding. Ever.
7. No duplicates. Even though the character may appear in different forms, only one version is allowed.
8. Please tag each post your character appears in. A newcomer might want to pick up your character, but won't realize you've just posted last week. (However, it would be a lot nicer if they asked in the OOC community.)
9. Posts open to the whole community are open here. Posts closed to only a few characters are posted in your personal journal, which will appear on the community friends list.
10. Any posts rated above PG-13 must be moved to a personal journal with a warning in the title. We are open to anything, from slash to smut, but you must abide by this rule.

First, write up your application. (Guidelines are listed below) Secondly, submit your application to the email:
We will read carefully and email our approval or rejection. If rejected, you have one try to fix the application. If rejected again, please try another character.
Then, you must create a journal for your character and join the community. Post your introduction and have fun!
Please put your contact information in your characters user info. This makes it easier if a person wishes to concoct a plot involving one of yours!

The Character
Fandom (and type of media, ie. book, movie...):
Nickname (optional):
Personality [Details PLEASE. We love originality. Two to three paragraphs]:
Physical Description [Include a name and link of who you want to represent your character, one paragraph.]:
History [Why is your character the way he or she is today? Two to three paragraphs]:
Where is your character in canon when entering the community?:
Introduction Post [Present tense, About two paragraphs]:

The Typist:

Sometimes, we like to have our adventures in IRC chat, rather than just through livejournal. You will have to download a chat client for this. (I have a Mac, so I use Colloquy, but mIRC and PIRCH are good for Windows.)
IRC server: irc.ablenet.org
In Character: #theestateschat
Out of Character: #theestatesooc

Please post any interesting chat logs in your journals. :)
All posting in chat must be done in PROSE format, not asterisks. Thanks!