Takako Chigusa (robobitch13) wrote in the_estates,
Takako Chigusa

Takako really hadn't left her house much since her arrival. A few runs here and there, one party, the occasional trip out for necessities -- but for the most part, she'd stayed inside, crafting a makeshift alarm system and trying to figure out just what the hell was happening.

However, she had just heard a Very Scary Noise, and decided that outside with sun and slush was better than inside with a possibly imaginary ax murderer. She could almost handle dying once, but she was pretty sure that twice wouldn't be as pleasant. Besides, it was sort of nice outside. And whether she would admit it or not, she was getting a little lonely. So now she was sitting on the front steps, stretching her legs out and contemplating. Or sleeping with her eyes open. It was hard to tell.
Tags: seamus, takako
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