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Polexia was trying to make the best of her situation.  All right, it wasn't England.  And it wasn't the road.  She wasn't touring or hanging out with the girls or the bands or anything.  But there wasn't much she could do about it.  She'd already found a house, much, much larger than anything she could have ever afforded in the real world, and with some effort had started to organize it to suit her tastes.  This was proving to be a rather arduous task, however.

Taking a hold of some of the pens she'd found in a desk drawer and the paper she'd found stacked up neatly next to the thing that looked kind of like a television and a typewriter combined, and slipping on a sweater she'd found in a closet (not exactly her style, but she'd make do for now) she headed out to the front porch, intent on making some invitations for the housewarming party she very much intended on having.

Now, if only she knew a few more people to invite...
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